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About Arya Taxan Co.

The main reason for the formation of the Arya Taxan Co., in early 2004, was providing quality products in the field of industrial automation and electrical components from world-renowned companies to domestic consumers as well as providing related technical services.

The company started to cooperate with Fuji Electric as the exclusive provider of energy distribution and control panel products (ED&C) and soon it became an important share market of the electrical equipment used in harsh environments (temperature, humidity, dust, etc.). Arya Taxan Co. always supports its customers under the slogan “Choosing the best is the right of the customer” and in return the loyalty of the customers for Fuji Electric’s products has encouraged us to the growing our activity.

Arya Taxan Co. has expanded its commercial and technical activities as the exclusive representative of the Fuji Electric Company in IRAN, and now on we offer additionally the products’ pallet of Fuji Electric in the field of Drives and Industrial Automation.

Customer satisfaction in the past and also present is our capital for continuing to work and growing in the market.

آریا تکسان نماینده رسمی فوجی الکتریک در ایران