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PLC related questions

The software name is SX-Programmer, which comes in two different editions, Standard and Expert (D300win). Both models support the five common PLC programming languages based on EN/IEC 61131-3. The Expert Edition is more development efficiency-oriented support tools, however, the Standard is operability oriented support tools.

It depends on the PLC model and the type of communication port. The following pin layouts are available for two different PLC models:

– SPF Series PLCs

– SPE/SPB Series PLCs

Frequency inverter related questions

Only the open-collector output type can be connected to the FRENIC-ACE series inverters. FRENIC-MEGA type inverters should be used if needed.

how you can calculate the Modbus-RTU network registry address.

For an Excel table of the address, list clicks here

Please, refer to the user’s manual. In the user’s manual of ACE, Chapter 5, you can find the important parameters in the function code table, which were colored blue.

The VFD-MICRO is very sensitive to line-to-line voltage unbalance in the three-phase power supplied to the inverter. The installation of a proper AC-reactor is recommended. You can avoid this error by setting the parameter H98 to 1.

HMI related questions

V-SFT software version or higher or 6 are dedicated to these HMI Types.

Yes, it can be used. Please click here to get a list of compatible hardware.

Click here to get the cable layout.

Click here for technical details.

Servo related questions

The Modbus-RTU network and the SX network (Fuji Electric Company-specific network) are applicable to the Alpha 5 model. In addition, the Alpha 7 series support the EtherCat network. Alpha 5 Smart supports only the Modbus-RTU network.

In the Alpha 5 series, the encoder accuracy (INC) is 20 bits. This value has been increased to 24 bits in the new Alpha 7 series.

Communication with the computer takes place with RS485 (two wires) through Modbus-RTU protocol, also an RS485 to USB converter is required. Click here to download setting help and also pin layout of cable.

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