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آریا تکسان نماینده رسمی فوجی الکتریک در ایران

Fuji Electric annual financial report, 2018

Fuji Electric’s headquarter in Japan released its annual financial report at the end of April 2019.

The report describes in detail the activities of the different sectors of the company as well as the revenue earned in each of the continents and Japan and China.

In 2018, Fuji Electric had a turnover of 914.9 billion Japanese yen (8.2 billion US $ ), up 2.4% from a year earlier. In all continents of the world (except Europe) as well as China there is an upward trend in revenue. In the rest of the world, especially in Japan, the upward trend in revenue is noticeable compared to 2017. The biggest growth can be seen in the company’s renewable energy projects (solar power plant).