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آریا تکسان نماینده رسمی فوجی الکتریک در ایران

Fuji Electric annual financial report, 2021

The Fuji Electric company released its annual financial results for the fiscal year 2021 at the end of April 2022.

The report describes in detail the activities of the different sectors of the company as well as the revenue earned in each of the continents, Japan, and China.
In 2021, Fuji Electric had a turnover of 910.226 billion Japanese yen (US $ 7.461 billion), an increase of 4% over the previous year. This uptrend is observed in all continents and countries of the world. However, the exchange rate of the U.S. dollars against the Japanese yen in 2020 was, in average 110, which in 2021 this figure has increased to 122, which has led to showing a lower turnover in U.S. dollars.
The highest revenue growth in the industrial sector (about 15%) was in the ED&C‌ and UPS‌ for data center business. The semiconductor manufacturing segment has grown by 14%. Automatic food and beverage vending machines also indicated a significant increase of 19%. The largest losses were (about 9%) in the IT and public projects sector (Exhaust gas cleaning systems for ships). In general, the absence of large-scale public and academic-sector projects caused that the company has not been able to achieve its financial goals in this segment.