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Solar pumping

Using solar energy to move water pumps makes it possible to save energy, supply of energy in outlying locations and helps greatly to protect the environment against contamination from fossil fuel.
Long life span with reliable operation, easy increase of required power, easy start up and low maintenance cost are other advantages of using Solar technology for starting pumps.
Fuji Electric has developed a special Firmware software for using the ACE series drive in solar power application. Download this written software on ACE frequency drives take advantage of the following abilities to use solar energy:

  • True and outstanding MPPT function (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Start criteria by system conditions and time
  • Stop criteria select able by frequency or power
  • Dry pump detection function
  • Low power function
  • It allows to control asynchronous motors and permanent magnets synchronous motors
  • Detection of sudden changes of conditions (especially irradiance)
  • Two sets of PID gains, for a fast and smooth operation
  • Water tank level control
  • Grid connection select able for maintenance and backup system

It is to mention that water electro-pumps can be used up to 280 kW and the drives can be provided with IP54 protection panels as needed and with all the necessary equipment such as contactor, MCCB and terminal. Remote access via the cloud is also possible.
The minimum DC voltage required for 220 V motor is 180 VDC (recommended 280 to 330 VDC) and for 440 V motor is 400VDC (recommended 550 to 620 VDC).

Commissioning of Solar Pump can be classified in three ways:

1- “Off grid” Solar Pumping with isolated photovoltaic power supply
The system is supplied by the photovoltaic energy only. Very simple and autonomous.The system can be supplied in DC, by photovoltaic.

2- Solar Pumping with select able power supply (PV, grid or diesel generator)
The system can be supplied in DC, by photovoltaic panels or in AC by means of grid connection or diesel generator, switching the power supply depending on the operation conditions. To change the supply source, an external and safe commutation automatism is needed.

3- Solar pumping with assisted power supply (grid or diesel generator)
he system can be simultaneously supplied in  AC (grid or generator) and DC (photovoltaic panel). In case of insufficient solar energy, the system will take the necessary energy from the connected grid or the diesel generator. This system is especially recommended for intensive irrigation.