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Alpha 7 Servo Systems

Fuji Electric launched its new product in the Servo product group Alpha 7 in early 2017. This product in addition to the features of Alpha 5 and Alpha 5 Smart series has other outstanding features as mentioned below:

Currently, the industry’s fastest servo system with a frequency response time of 3.2 kHz. This is made possible by the special Servo built-in algorithm.

The maximum starting torque of the Servo system has been increased by 350%.

The number of bits of the ABS / INC encoder has been increased to 24, which has improved the accuracy.

It has various safety features according to IEC 61800-5-2 international standard such as STO, ST1, SS1, SLS, SBC, SSM.

In addition to the general model based on torque and position control via analog/pulse inputs, servo drive models have been offered with the SX network as well as EtherCat.