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NEW regenerative PWM converter

Fuji Electric Europe (FEE) pleased to announce the launch of a NEW regenerative PWM converter, FRENIC-eRHC into the market.

Regenerative converters can significantly reduce the harmonic distortion generated by the inverter that effects electric power systems (IEEE 519-1992).
On the other hand, the regenerated energy, all of which are returned to the power source, promotes energy saving.

– Main features of NEW FRENIC-eRHC (RHC-EE) are:
– Full range CE marked
– Product range : 3ph 200VAC 5.5 to 22kW and 3ph 400VAC 5.5 to 75kW
– Harmonic suppression is very effective: THDi < 5%
– 150% overload for 1 minute

Applications: Elevators, escalators, HVAC, water treatment pump, etc.

Please, click here to get the catalog.