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The new FRENIC-MEGA Series

Variable frequency drive (VFD) is one of the main products of the Fuji Electric Company, which is used in a wide range of machines as well as production lines in the industry such as lathes, industrial robots, conveyor systems, fans and pumps.

VFD plays an important role in optimizing the production and saving energy by controlling the speed and/or torque of an electric motor. The new generation of FRENIC-MEGA G2 drives, the successor of MEGA Gseries, have been introduced to meet the needs of the market for more precise and stable speed control during mechanical load fluctuations imposed on the motor.

IGBT is a critical component of a VFD and Fuji Electric is one of the largest manufacturers of IGBT in the world. Due to this, the company has the possibility of adding new capabilities to its IGBTs to increase the efficiency of manufactured VFD, and this ability has made Fuji Electric in a unique position in terms of technology and production of quality drives.

Some new features of MEGA-G2 drives are:

– Auto tune capability for PID algorithm (proportional/integrated gain);
– Increased output frequency up to 599 Hz for all operation modes (Vector, V/F);
– Faster response to mechanical load fluctuations;
– Programming capability up to 260 step with the possibility of access to all inverter parameters;
– Increasing of digital inputs up to 9, adding one pulse output and modified analog input functions;
– Support Bluetooth technology;
– Support of common industrial networks;
– Compatible with the old G1 model in terms of dimensions and parameter transfer;

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