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سری X1 فوجی الکتریک

X1, The New Advanced HMI

Fuji Electric has introduced the X1, the new generation of HMIs, which in addition to the superior capabilities of the V9 Series HMIs as a human-machine interface, act as an interface to the IT and virtual reality. Its software features allow the exchange of information with the cloud and the digital world. The use of a powerful CPU with a high-resolution LCD screen and vector graphic technology provides better visibility and fast access to data for the user.

Some of the highlights of this HMI are as follows:

– Windows operating system and embedded software features: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, OPC UA, MQTT

– Variety of common hardware ports such as USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Serial and audio output

– Ability to use software that is compatible with Windows, such as various Internet browsers, Excel, Word, Adobe   Acrobat, etc.

– Ability to use V-SFT Ver. 6 and transfers of written programs for the V9 series to the X1

– Support for various products of more than 80 manufacturers of industrial automation equipment

– The screen in two sizes, 12″ and 15″

Pls, click here to download the brochure for this product.