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Fuji Electric has introduced the X1, the new generation of HMIs, which in addition to the superior capabilities of the V9 Series HMIs as a human-machine interface, act as an interface to the IT and virtual reality. Its software features allow the exchange of information with the cloud and the digital world. The use of a powerful CPU with a high-resolution LCD screen and vector graphic technology provides better visibility and fast access to data for the user.

Some of the highlights of this HMI are as follows:

– Windows operating system and embedded software features: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, OPC UA, MQTT

– Variety of common hardware ports such as USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Serial and audio output

– Ability to use software that is compatible with Windows, such as various Internet browsers, Excel, Word, Adobe   Acrobat, etc.

– Ability to use V-SFT Ver. 6 and transfers of written programs for the V9 series to the X1

– Support for various products of more than 80 manufacturers of industrial automation equipment

– The screen in two sizes, 12″ and 15″

Pls, click here to download the brochure for this product.