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اینورتر frenic lift

NEW FRENIC-Lift (LM2C) Series

Fuji Electric is pleased to announce the launch of NEW FRENIC-Lift (LM2C) in the market.
Combine the most important features of our bestseller FRENIC-Lift with the demand for elementary elevator applications – and get our new FRENIC-Lift LM2C. Cost efficiency and basic structures, not more, not less.
This inverter gets to the point: Simple application = simple solution.
Main features of NEW FRENIC-Lift (LM2C) are:

– From 4.0kW to 15kW 3ph 400V
– Book type shape with new advantages such as side mounting, removable power terminals and
IP54 heatsink
– Contactor-less solution compliant to EN81-20 and Pollution degree 3
– Different energy saving modes according to ISO 25745 & VDI 4707
– Customizable logic capability (PLC function)
– Easy rescue operation with 24 VDC power supply for the control board

With its rich functionality, smaller design, and global compatibility, the new FRENIC-Lift (LM2C) provides the
the finest performance for lift applications.
Pls, click here to get the product catalog.